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Social Media and Web Analytics

The Internet space is rapidly evolving from a relatively static website environment to a dynamic interactive social community. Is your organization prepared to handle the multitude of social channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and blogs? Which channel should you use, how does your current web strategy fit with all that is going on today?  Does it really matter?

The simple answer is absolutely it matters because Social Networking and social media has come into its own and if you are not even considering deploying some form of Social Media strategy then opportunities may have already passed you by. Regardless of the type of organization you are in you cannot ignore this trend because it won’t go away.

The challenge is knowing whether it is suitable for your organization and what areas need to be addressed, since some organizations do have limitations and restrictions in getting involved in many of the Social Media channels available today. All this means is that you have to use the tools available to you which our knowledgeable associates will be able to maximize the benefits while maintaining the requirements of your organization.

Jumping right in is the wrong way to do it, not only will it be frustrating and time consuming but extremely difficult to get funding and resources to build and maintain these channels. You need to approach the whole Social Media as an integrated web strategy starting with your website as the focal point and treating the social media channels as a means to reach your diversified audience..

Delta Partners has a six step web strategy development program that can help you:

  1. Assess your state of readiness by reviewing your existing web/social media strategy
  2. Identify the key elements of your strategy based on client needs
  3. Assess the current visitor behaviour patterns
  4. Develop a social media strategy that integrates with your organizational and website strategy
  5. Implement the key elements of your strategy
  6. Monitor and improve on the benefits


We firmly believe in knowledge transfer and our highly trained associates will work with your team to develop a sound integrated Social Media strategy that builds on your team’s knowledge and skills as well as your existing organizational and web strategy deployment. When we leave you will have developed a sound approach to integrate Social Media into your organization, developed effective means to measure the effectiveness and the tools and knowledge to build on this framework that will make it easier for your clients to interact with your organization based on the channels that they want to use.

Each stage can be applied as a standalone element, which enables your organization to proceed at the pace you need. We will be on hand to assist you through each stage of the process, providing the expertise you need but either do not have in house or you really only need it the one time so you don’t have to dedicate or train resources needlessly.


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