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Quality and Service Pledge

Qa-100x67Quality Assurance (QA) is conducted from the beginning to the end of the project and ensures that consulting initiatives such as reviews, studies, new processes and systems, etc., are in place and running well, that estimated costs and schedules have a high probability of being met, and that areas of project risk are identified up front.  This allows our Associates to work with clients to implement appropriate strategies to alleviate risk and to monitor areas of highest risk, thus enabling containment and mitigation.

Our Approach provides the following benefits to projects:

  • Assures that consistent, repeatable processes are in use throughout the life cycle to manage the quality of the project's deliverables
  • Verifies the correctness of plans and processes to ensure a high probability of meeting needs and requirements
  • Answer the questions: “Did we make the assignment work right?”; “Does the consulting service comply with the client’s statement of work?”; and, “Did we produce the results the client wanted?”. Quality Assurance validates that project plans and processes are properly aligned with the stated business goals and objectives.

Our QA process also identifies ways to eliminate the causes of unsatisfactory results, assessing the impact of challenges and obstacles on the project and recommending corrective actions. At Delta Partners, QA is viewed as a process that begins with the first client contact on a project.

QA therefore includes reviews of project deliverables; walkthrough and testing of project strategies and recommended processes, peer reviews, and any other reviews needed to ensure project quality and standards are being met. Delta’s QA approach should thus provide for early identification of deliverable non-conformances thereby reducing the cost of correction and re-works. QA controls the completion of activities identified in the Project Management Plan.

Our Service Pledge to Clients meets and exceeds the Code of Professional Conduct promulgated by CMC-Canada and CMC International. Click here to view the full version of CMC-Canada’s Code of Professional Conduct.