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Enterprise Risk Management Training & Facilitation

Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.
     - Warren Buffett

Delta Partners defines Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) as:

  1. A risk-based approach to managing an enterprise or organization.
  2. An integration of strategic planning, process management, and internal control.
  3. A strategy for managed risk response.
  4. A prerequisite for effective preventative actions.
  5. A systematic process for risk identification, prioritization and mitigation.

Our training employs a variety of tools and client-specific case studies to ensure that your team actually acquires the skills that they need to implement ERM.

Our facilitation ensures that the application of ERM has a measureable impact on the bottom line.

Do you know where the ticking time bombs are that could impact your organization?

By having a systematic approach to analyzing risk, you can:

  • Prioritize the threats that will have the greatest impact on your organization.
  • Predefine reaction strategies.
  • Track issues over time.

Heat map-300x188Have you planned for reduced staff, decreased budget, and operational upheaval?

The structured analysis of future states can allow you to:

  • Anticipate the impact on your stakeholders.
  • Forecast issues that will impact the effectiveness of the strategic planning process.
  • Appropriately assign resources to minimize organizational disruption.

Public servants – have you integrated the TBS requirements for risk management into your operations?

ERM provides a framework that will:

  • Enable compliance with TBS integration and reporting requirements.
  • Ensure that you able to meet your deadlines for the Policy on the Management of Projects and Policy on Investment Planning, Assets and Acquired Services by April 1, 2012.

Course Outline

For more information on course structure and pricing, click here.

One Day

This is our standard one-day offering that is normally accompanied by a one-day facilitation exercise.  It is also possible to expand and customize this training module to a multiple day offering as your needs require. 

  • ERM overview
  • Benefits of ERM
  • Costs of ERM
  • ERM process
  • Challenges in implementing an ERM program
  • Categorizing risk (financial, operational, HR, legal)
  • Risk response (avoidance, reduction, transfer, acceptance)
  • Overview of risk management tools (focus on FMEA)
  • Tracking and prioritizing risk (priority lists, heat maps)
  • Solutions to mitigate risk

Two Day

The Two Day program includes all of the content of the One Day program, and adds:

  • Overview of ISO 31000:2009 and/or TBS Framework for the Management of Risk
  • Integration into strategic planning, including risk analysis and internal audits
  • Integrating ERM into process management and Root Cause Analysis activity
  • Strategizing around ‘Black Swan’ events

Extended training options are available; please contact us for more information.