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Change Management

Creating real change is not an event.  It is a process that requires a context, a plan, and effective, ongoing leadership.

Change Management is...

Change Management is about creating awareness around the overall change:

  • identifying job roles impacted
  • defining future skills and competencies for employees
  • developing coaching and mentoring strategies for front-line supervisors
  • executing change work plans
  • engaging employees in the change design process
  • gathering feedback

Change Management is about adapting change management plans as necessary, coaching leaders and training employees.

Change Management is a process that helps move the organization to its desired state, yet recognizes that not everyone in the organization changes at the same pace.

Why Change Management?

One of the key managerial issues facing senior executives and managers is how to cope with rapid change.  As the external environment becomes less predictable and more uncertain, organizations need to undergo change in order to maintain their effectiveness and competitive edge.

Moving organizations and people through a change process is not an easy task. Frequently, these initiatives fail due to active or passive resistance and more frequently due to a lack of clear strategic planning to implement change.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the more closely connected change management planning is with project planning, the greater the chance a project will meet its objectives, stay on schedule, and stay on budget.

Well-planned and executed change programs can result in significant benefits to managers, employees and the organization as a whole; it can improve the flexibility and responsiveness of the organization in meeting external threats, in changing customer and client needs and in anticipating change.  An outcome of a shared positive experience in reshaping the organization is that managers and employees frequently feel more committed to their organization and are more satisfied with their work.

Consulting Services

Because effecting change—real change—transformative change—is hard. Really hard.

Our approach to Change Management maintains a balance between the technical tools and techniques of data collection and analysis and the experiential facilitation of stakeholder engagement and commitment. We balance the art and science of Change Management while encouraging innovation by approaching your organization’s situation from a holistic perspective. We design specific change programs and strategies that fit your particular situation, needs and existing managerial culture and practice.  We work with our clients to develop a change implementation strategy that they understand and support. 

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Our full-service Change Management practice has earned the trust and confidence of our clients for over twenty-two years and includes:  

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Change Capacity Assessment 

For public servants, most of you are preparing to face the fallout of the new budget and DRAP, while private sector companies wrestle with increasing intrusion from global competition or the market disintermediation of online players.  In either case, your organization is undoubtedly in the process of or preparing to undergo a “transformation”.

We can help you assess your organization’s capacity to engage in real change right now. The opinions of employees and other stakeholders are an important indicator of where you should focus your efforts. We will ask them questions that we have found useful with our clients and put their answers into context. To evaluate the current state of your organization we will look at and assess your:

  • Working climate
  • Employee engagement
  • Organizational alignment
  • Vision statement
  • Strategic plan for the change initiative
  • Whether elements that need to be in place for successful strategic change to take place are present in your organization
    • Management policies and practices
    • Human resources management
    • Knowledge management
    • Organizational Culture
    • Communication
    • Senior manager and leadership commitment
    • Innovation
    • Communication and accountability mechanisms
    • Planning and prioritizing
    • Performance measurement and monitoring

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Change Readiness and Change Fatigue 

Often the biggest organization-wide challenge that has to be faced is dealing with the pace of change. If you were to interview a number of your employees , a significant number of them would likely say that people are tired.  People have been dealing with change for so long that they are burned out.  They need a signal that the crisis is over—and that the sense of constant urgency is not the ‘new normal’.

We can help you determine if your organization is likely to have a difficult time moving through a strategic change initiative by conducting a Change Readiness Assessment. It is not a 'pass or fail' test, but it will enable us to identify and implement steps that you can take to overcome change fatigue and successfully implement change.

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Change Strategy and Vision

Change processes should begin with a clear articulation of a strategy or vision for change.  As part of this strategy for change, we can assist you in the development of a vision or mission statement as part of a focused plan for change.  This is a critical step as it establishes a strong foundation and rationale for change.  Frequently, the process of developing this mission statement can serve to clearly communicate to managers and employees the need for change.  We will guide you through this process to ensure commitment by your organization to the change process.

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Business Transformation

Business transformation, whether it is slow and gradual or more sudden and dramatic, requires a change management strategy and implementation plan. How should it be implemented?   Who should be involved?  What about timing?  Should training be considered?  As part of our track record, we have helped a significant number of organizations as large as 20,000 employees in developing successful change implementation strategies.  Some of these activities include the design of change orientation sessions, the training of internal facilitators and change agents as part of the change process. We can assist your organization by providing a consultative approach to planning and implementation, where success is assured through the optimal level of management and employee engagement.

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Change Resistance

All strategic change initiatives - ranging from new IT systems, business process adjustments and organizational mergers to 'softer' organizational development projects - run the risk of encountering significant resistance from employees and/or external stakeholders. This results in cost overruns and, in some cases, outright failure. Based on an easily understood formula for assessing the people-based barriers to change, we can offer your organization a sound, common sense approach to change management that saves time, saves money and increases the overall effectiveness of project outcomes.

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Communications Strategy Framework

It is impossible to over-communicate with your staff if you truly expect to create transformational change. We can help you develop a Communications Strategy Framework—from a transition support perspective—with:

  • Defined communication objectives;
  • Timing/frequency of communications;
  • Communications vehicles;
  • Source of communications;
  • Communication audiences and audience segmentation; and,
  • Key employees issues to which communications must be sensitive.

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Culture Change

More and more organizations are realizing that they need a culture change in order to move forward effectively. Our specialists can assess the gap between your current and your preferred organizational culture and assist in making the transition.

Creating a Culture of Change

Change is a good thing—it makes us better.

As managers, we need to create a culture that accepts the fact that what we do—and how we do it—changes all the time. In our experience, change is generally regarded as a bad thing both by people and corporations—something is wrong if we need to change. An executive from a large shipping company once told us that their autopilots spend at least 85% of their time getting the ship back on course.  Maybe organizations are similar. What if we decided that change is not only inevitable, but a good thing, that it shows we are moving with the times?A culture of change permits—requires—different conversations from the ones normally permitted in organizations. We can help you change your current culture to a culture of change.

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Trust Assessment

We have found that many large bureaucracies have considerable work to do to repair (create?) a level of trust within their organization.  Cutbacks stemming from budget constraints that we have recently seen - and that we may be seeing more of - often completely destroy existing psychological contracts with employees. In order to enable team building, collaboration, innovation and positive risk-taking, trust must be established both in the horizontal (team) and the vertical (management hierarchy).

How do we measure trust? The same way we measure anything else - we ask questions. We can help you measure the climate of trust in your organization, develop a plan to improve the trust level, and build trust through leadership and culture change initiatives.

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Knowledge Management

For organizations that depend upon the corporate knowledge and subject matter expertise of their soon-to-be retiring cadres of “knowledge workers”; we offer an effective solution based upon an in-depth understanding of communities of practices and how they work.

IM/IT Implementation

We have developed an integrated change management solution, specifically designed for IM/IT project implementation in line with the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) Enhanced Management Framework.

Stakeholder Consultations

Whether it is to meet a statutory requirement, Office of the Auditor General (OAG) direction or any other reason to conduct a formal stakeholder consultation exercise, we offer professional assistance for your organization which assures a balanced impartial approach – even to the most sensitive issues of the day.


If you would like to discuss your change management needs with a Delta Partners associate please click here to contact us for a free, no-commitment consultation.


To help you begin your own successful journey in managing organizational change we have created a condensed and readable workbook that you can work through on your own to help you understand change, how it impacts you personally and how it impacts those around you.

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