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Bootstrap Your DRAP

The Requirement

As you implement post-budget requirements, Public Service managers will be facing program changes and budget cuts.

These changes will create a complex and volatile work environment that will require you to implement conflicting strategies that will address the DRAP requirements while simultaneously building your capacity to deliver program/service delivery objectives.

It is important for organizations to assess their options and develop scenarios that provide the “greatest gain for the least pain”. There is a need to review operations and find innovative ways of doing business—while making more efficient use of scarce resources and developing an environment of continuous learning and improvement.

Concrete actions for organizational transformation must be identified, and action must be taken to deal with employee fear and uncertainty.

Bootstrap Your Program

Delta Partners has the change management experience and facilitation skills to support management teams, and help them to identify the key issues facing their organization. We facilitate working sessions in which you will determine the scope and type of changes required, set goals and measures for success, and develop an Action Framework.

Our approach is to support managers who are impacted by cuts so that they can provide the leadership needed to develop a plan of action and engage their employees as they work together to cope with change.

This will be accomplished by conducting facilitated sessions to:

•   re-invent and re-think your program structure and delivery model;

•   identify where processes needed to be streamlined; and,

•   identify priority HR actions required to allow employees to adapt to the changing environment.

Key Activities and Related Deliverables

Estimated Level of Effort

Needs Analysis
Document Review
Interviews with Managers
2 days

Approach Design
Agendas for facilitated sessions
2 days

Facilitate working sessions with management team
Develop Action Plan
Identify Tools Required
2 days

Summary Report
Recommendations for Organizational Change
Action Plan Framework
2 days


Benefits and Expected Results

As highlighted in the Delta website, there are proven strategies and tools that can be used—but these must be customized to every client’s individual needs. A concrete action plan provides leadership, and will highlight actions needed to address employee concerns while acknowledging potential conflicts.

In addition to the challenges of ongoing program and service delivery, these changes must be managed effectively, or they will impact the organization’s ability to attract, develop, and retain the staff required to deliver results. Delta has researched the lessons learned from similar downsizing and budget cut initiatives, and has identified the keys to success.

Large, expensive studies are not necessary. Delta can provide the customized support you need within your delegated spending authority as a manager (less than $10,000 for the estimated level of effort outlined above).

Our service will enable your management team to take proactive and timely action, rather than adopting a wait-and-see approach that rarely results in the outcomes that you need to thrive in a new environment.

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