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The Essence of Evaluation

Greg Tricklebank

The LPGA Commissioner, Michael Whan, just announced the plan to inaugurate a fifth major tournament on the LPGA tour, sparking a discussion on the Morning Drive television program about fairness …

Annika Sorenstam, for example, had won a record 10 majors when there were only 4 each year. With 5 majors per year, future players will have an unfair advantage, with more opportunities in the race for record-breaking statistics. The question is whether it will be fair to compare the record of pre-change major winners with that of post-change winners.

History v. Progress

This issue is not unique to golf. All sports progress, Babe ruth-189x240rendering the current record keeping and breaking basis different from the past and sparking endless debate about who’s the greatest. Is Hank Aaron greater than Babe Ruth?  How do we fit Barry Bonds into that conversation - especially in light of all of the evidence that has come out regarding performance enhancing drug use during his period of dominance?

The response from Gary Williams (Morning Drive, July 20, 2011) was, “You’ve got to exercise your mind and evaluate”.

Performance Management v. Evaluation

For me, this discussion captured the essence of evaluation as compared with mere performance measurement.

Sports achievement, like many other types of result, is relatively easy to measure.

However, to arrive at a conclusion as to who or what is good, great or the greatest, you’ve got to exercise your mind and evaluate - often agreeing to disagree.

What do you think - agree or disagree?

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Posted by Greg Tricklebank
Posted on July 25, 2011

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