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Allen Black

Business Processes: Doing Things Right or Doing the Right Thing

OK, so your organization has done a review of your processes – your processes are now well documented and you’ve identified the measures (data that can be tracked), built systems to track that data, and then implemented control…  continue reading

The Business Case for Strategic Planning in Municipal and Regional Governments

If only we had done this two years ago, we would have been working closer together as an organization. This statement reflected the frustration that members of both the (elected) County Council and the (hired) County Staff and…  continue reading

Service Improvement - What are the alternatives?

By and large, organizations focus on people, procedures, and tools to improve their business.  They carelessly ignore the fact that it is the processes used in an organization – and the way that these processes are aligned – that holds…  continue reading

The Case for Transforming to a Process Managed Organization

  A recent global strategic business report makes the assertion that the global business process management market is projected to exceed $5.0 billion by the year 2017. This is good news for the Information Technology community,…  continue reading

Logic Models: Both a Tool and a Strategic Process

Whether in government, the private sector or the non-profit sector, these key questions apply in any context: Are we doing the right work? Can we make better decisions? Are we getting superior results? Logic models can…  continue reading

How Resilient Is Your Organization?

In response to last year’s H1N1 crisis, I posted a blog suggesting it would be timely for organizations to consider a strategic planning exercise aimed at developing contingency plans that could be quickly implemented to ensure…  continue reading

Creating High-Performance Organizations: the view from PPX

At GTEC (Canada’s Government Technology Event) this year the theme was High Performing Government. GTEC brings together leading public and private sector experts to collaborate on serving citizens better through innovation and…  continue reading


In my November blog post  Scenario Planning: Crystal Balling or Smart Business?, I looked at how scenario planning makes good business sense and shared a client success story. The example I used was part of a strategic planning session…  continue reading

Business Case Development: Ignore the Fundamentals at Your Peril

Sound Familiar? "We can't afford to fund every new project or development proposal anymore. We have to find a better way to prioritize proposals, decide which to continue, and which to drop." "Starting this year, any request for…  continue reading

Scenario Planning: Crystal Balling or Smart Business?

Is trying to make projections for the future – which is not the next year, but three to five years out – too risky?  Might this be perceived as “crystal balling” and not worth the time and effort, or might it be something that makes…  continue reading

What Can Go Wrong Did Go Wrong: A Compelling Case for Change Management

A recent project of mine that had to do with reviewing a process changed from necessity to be in line with federal government policy, rules, and regulations, reconfirmed in my mind that if change management is not built into the change…  continue reading

Change Management - When should it start?

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the more closely connected change management planning is with project planning, the greater the chance a project will meet its objectives, stay on schedule, and stay on budget. Unfortunately many…  continue reading

Change Management: necessity or yet another check box?

Many managers are unaware (or chose not to be aware), but the more closely connected change management planning is with project planning, the greater the chances that your project will: meet its objectives stay on schedule…  continue reading

Are you effectively developing your managers and supervisors as leaders of change?

Managers and supervisors are perhaps the biggest ally and potentially the biggest obstacle in times of change. Are you effectively engaging this group? The Prosci’s Change Management Centre provided five tips for developing managers…  continue reading

H1N1 Contingency Planning - Are you ready?

The Auditor General of Canada, Sheila Fraser, has taken the federal government to task over its lack of preparedness to deal with disasters; she emphasized the need to plan ahead. The problem is that planning for a disaster that no one…  continue reading